Self Healing

How to Heal Myself

What is self healing? What is natural healing? What is healing? What is natural? The integrity of the human body is so incredible that most of us feel just fine most of the time. It is when we become sick and that integrity struggles that we start wondering what the matter is. We take our health for granted.

Self Healing might be defined as the recovery of the quality of life that our bodies ordinarily maintain. Outside of trauma where the body is somehow damaged by incident, our body manages to heal itself. We certainly would not reach for herbal medicine in the case of loss of limb.

What is Self Healing

As far as a definition of the term “natural” goes, let us agree first that everything that happens is natural in that it occurs. When we hear someone refer to a nature walk, we understand that they are speaking of a communion with those elements that have somehow escaped human influence. A nature walk is a walk in a more natural setting. However, this approach to nature fails as it leaves us as humans out of the picture, and we ARE a natural occurrence. Everything that occurs is natural. It may not be what we might prefer, but it is natural by the simple fact that it exists.

Consequently, all healing is natural healing. If we can manage to heal, then it is natural. This of course leads us to the problem of understanding our preference for those types of healing that are less invasive and in more accord with our more organic ways. “Organic” is a very useful term, and yet there is much dispute over what it exactly refers to.

“Nature” is not a thing, but a way of behaving. Human beings have a nature. Everything has a nature. If we ask ourselves what it is that is doing the behaving, then we are getting closer to the goods of healing.

If we can agree that we are all ultimately one whole… that together, we are the whole thing… then we can establish that this wholeness carries with it common threads. There is a single whole of which we are all a part. We share elements of this whole. Our separateness is noticeable as we all walk around in separate bodies, but we all live off the same consciousness, the same energy, the same attraction to health. It is this shared consciousness (the ability to experience life) that has us living. It is who we ultimately are.

You can refer to it as God, or All-that-is, or Love, or whatever you like, but the truth is that we share it and that it is who we are. Everything else is secondary to this living, conscious being of which we are a part.

Nature is a way of behaving, and organic nature is behavior that originates in the living self. When something is modified so that it no longer chooses for itself its behavior, then it is no longer organic.  A quality life requires absolute freedom to direct itself.

Natural health is that health where the integrity of the body is maintained by spontaneous natural living. This health suffers when human behavior (human nature) is altered through the imposition of behavior that is not organic.  Dis-ease is often rooted in despair. We are beaten down by obligation, duty, and the absence of a sense of freedom.

Self Healing Techniques


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